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Small business start-up tips book

Small business start-up tips book

The idea for this book came following some posts I did on LinkedIn.

I’d been running my own business for six years and thought I’d share six lessons that I’d learnt from my experiences during those six years over a series of six posts. I’d posted regularly for a while, but those six got the highest level of interaction I’d had, with hundreds of likes and positive comments.

I decided to ask those people who’d interacted, and who owned their own small businesses, to share some of their own top tips. I’d then compile them into a short, easy to read book to help people who may be starting out, or thinking about starting out, on their journey as a sole trader or small business owner.

I also thought the book could help people who’d run a business for a while, but were rethinking what they wanted to do, or looking for ideas to help them to grow further.

So here it is...

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