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The Exceptional Team Blueprint Planner

We're all members of teams either in our working lives or as part of our hobbies and interests.

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to affect the performance of a team. You can positively influence how the team you’re part of works and performs, and the outcomes it delivers, from the inside as a team member as well.

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ Planner takes the key aspects from the Exceptional Team Blueprint book and builds them into a practical workbook.

It's structured into three sections.

1. A summary of the Exceptional Team Blueprint™ and its elements with explanations, practical activities, questions, processes and steps to prompt your thoughts and develop your ideas.

2. Templates to capture the content of your Team Charter.

3. Forms to use to plan your annual, monthly and weekly goals, activities and tasks.

Teams don’t need to be in a business environment to benefit from the Exceptional Team Blueprint™. Applying the tools and techniques to teams based in the education, charity and voluntary sectors will also bring positive improvements.

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