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The Exceptional Team Blueprint book

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ is a practical approach to building and developing high performing teams.

It will help team leaders become more effective at leading and developing their team.

It will help owners of small and medium sized businesses improve the performance of their organisation by taking a broad-based approach to the development of their leaders and employees.

It will help leaders of departments in larger corporations and also those bringing together a new team to deliver a specific project.

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ isn’t just for business environments. Applying the tools and techniques with teams in the education, charity, voluntary and public sectors will also bring positive improvements.

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ elements can be applied at a personal level to become an exceptional team member in whatever you do.

You don’t need to be in a leadership position to positively impact the performance of the teams you’re part of. You can influence the teams, how they work, and the outcomes they deliver, in your working life and in your hobbies and interests.

This book takes you through explanations, practical activities, processes and steps to help you build exceptional teams and develop exceptional team members and leaders.

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