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Are you neglecting your personal development?

Do you recognise the benefits that training, development and coaching can bring, and see it as critical to your growth and success?

I'm Andrew and I'm the proud owner of AWD Development Solutions and the creator of The Exceptional Team Blueprint.

I help to develop individual business owners, owners of small businesses and their employees and teams so that they can grow their businesses.

Have a look at the sample of resources and offerings below and see how I could help you to develop yourself, your people or your teams.

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Free Content Hub

You'll find free tips, checklists, processes and articles here to help you to develop yourself, your people or your teams.

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The Exceptional Team Blueprint book

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ is a practical approach to building high performing teams and developing exceptional team members and leaders.

The Exceptional Team Blueprint Planner

The Exceptional Team Blueprint Planner is a practical workbook to help you become an exceptional team member or leader of any team.

It also helps you plan your annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals, activities and tasks.

Developing your values

Values underpin how you and your team behave and operate at a personal and business level.

By working through this module you'll create and develop a clear set of values for yourself or your team.

Personal Development Planning

Are you neglecting your own development?

By working through this module you'll produce a realistic and actionable personal development plan to help you develop yourself so you can grow your business.

Myers Briggs profiling and feedback session

Do you want to understand yourself, your motivations, your strengths and your potential areas for growth?

Complete a Myers Briggs profile and have a 90-minute feedback session to discuss what it means and how to use the information.

Get unstuck - Development Power Hour

Do you need a one hour online coaching session to help you get unstuck?

We'll focus on your specific issue and develop some solutions and ways forward and you'll leave with an action plan.

Coaching Package - 6 hours

Do you need a bit of extra support?

Do you want a series of online sessions to develop solutions and ways forward to challenges and goals, with reviews to make sure you're taking action and making progress?

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